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Launch day for “The Little Book of Kindness"

I had such good fun today, with a great start at Wandsworth Radio with Christopher Taylor and Iain Wilson, then treated to champagne by the LOVELY Sarah P Corbett and to almond coffee by lovely Deborah Hughes, and I didn’t finish even half my missions so I’ll have to do it when I'm back from Bestival. Had a quick rooftop celebrations in Blackfriars with the Orion team, my wonderful publishers, then left loads of messages all around town and delivered some books to some of the people who have helped me, but they are legion, and I haven’t finished yet! But quickly wanted to say thanks to: Dan Thompson(page 5!) Denise TheLady Flower Stewart Whoo (page 23!) Christine Entwisle Baron Asif (page 24) Pete Sainsbury (page 44) Kirsty Harris (page 57) Sarah Tully (page 79) who I have written about and the loads of people thanked at the back. Onwards with #kindnessrevolution

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